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Ricky’s profound admiration and love for the human form ignites his compelling passion for his figurative depictions. Integrity of form, structure, process, and materials have been the essence of developing his visual vocabulary.  The prolific confluence of this appreciation of human aesthetics and his interest in social, cultural and political themes established his focus on creating sculptures that commemorate the lives of important Caribbean icons. . He intently studies his subjects, and then artistically replicates, their physique, essence, character and message into metal with robust sculptural qualities. He is revered for his persuasive realism in his creations.

The perfection of life-like depictions of his subjects has earned Ricky numerous notable commissions from governments, private companies and organizations, to date.  In 1997, the prestigious Bank of St. Lucia commissioned him to create the controversial landmark “ The Aftermath”.  Exploring the coexistence of man and woman, this free standing monumental sculpture, was the first of its kind on the island. In 2006, he was commissioned by the Government of Barbados to create a monument to commemorate the life of the island’s first Prime Minister, Sir Errol Walton Barrow. The impressive 9 ft bronze statue stands prominently in Bridgetown’s Independence Square. Similarly, a 9 ft bronze statute of St. Lucia‘s first Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, was commissioned by the Government of St. Lucia and completed in 2011. His evocative Freedom Monument, commissioned by the Government of St. Lucia, to commemorate the historical liberation movements on the island, and the Sir John Compton Monument are yet to be unveiled in St. Lucia. 

Ricky’s impressive career commenced in Jamaica where he studied Fine Arts at The Jamaica School of Art in Kingston, and later, at the distinguished Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. His training in the Foundry at Johnson Atelier, in congruence with his years of experience at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, California, and other foundries both on the western and eastern seaboard  of the United States, allowed him to actively participate in castings of works of numerous acclaimed sculptors. This invaluable experience fueled his uncompromising insistence to possess total reign over his work and to guarantee the integrity of the entire process from the creative concept to the final finished bronze sculpture.


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